Monday, January 8, 2007

With a new name comes a new blog!

Shelter Apparel has been reborn as Salts Organic! To celebrate we have started a new blog. This blog will be about all things organic and stylish. The Salts Organic Clothing spring line is a mixture of organic cotton, bamboo, soy and hemp denim perfect for folks that want to do their part and look good. Salts is looking forward to being in a bunch of great stores this spring, including Ht Naturals, Fiber Options and Not Just Pretty. Look for us everywhere!

Thanks for all the supporters of Shelter Apparel, I am sure you will like Salts Organic much more.



James Kingsley said...

On behalf of the Victoria Green Directory: welcome to the blogosphere, and all the best on the rebirth! Looking forward to following along with things.

Salts said...

Thanks James! I will add you to the links!