Saturday, February 13, 2010

What is eco-fashion?

According to wikipedia, Eco-fashion is "a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility."
This is true, of course, but let me put it into a simpler sentence for you. Eco-fashion is a way to reduce your carbon footprint, support fair farming techniques, and look groovy! Choosing Eco-fashion does not mean that you have to sacrifice style! Many people associate natural fibres with scratchy, itchy, unshapley, and unattractive. This is deffinatly not the case.
So, what turns a fabulous outfit into an fabulously eco-friendly outfit?

Organic materials:
Choosing an organic material benefits the earth, and the people living on it! Studies are starting to show that the chemicals used in growing cotton may remain in the fabric. These chemicals could be absorbed by the wearer, through sweating. They are not entirely sure what these chemicals will cause, but why take an unnecessary risk?

Sustainable materials:
If a material is not organic, it can still be sustainable. This means that it is made from a plant which can be replanted (and regrown) without harming our environment. For example, bamboo is a still considered to be sustainable if it has been chemically sprayed.

Plant-Based Dyes:
Wonderful organic materials can become less eco-friendly when dyed with synthetic, heavy metal based dyes or dyes otherwise dangerous to the workers who make the clothing, the earth or the wearer. Choosing a product which has been treated with a healthy, plant-based dye means less chemical exposure to our earth.

Free trade practices:
A large difference in eco-friendly fashion is the way that it is manufactured and finally sold. The freetrade practices test will fail companies if the employees making the clothing are not paid a livable wage, or if the working conditions are substandard and hazardous. So some good clothing, made from organic materials, may lose merit for having unfare work regulations.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Support Meat Free Monday

Have you been searching for a simple way to improve your carbon footprint, personal health, and make a positive change on a global level? Your search may well be over. Why not try "Meat Free Monday"? It's an unbelievable way to achieve all the positive goals listed above, and it's so very easy. What is this all about then, you may be asking by now. Well, it's simple. All you have to do is avoid eating meat for ONE day each week. Be it Monday, Thursday, whatever, the goal is to go for a whole day without consuming meat. That's all!
Now, you may be asking what this has got to do with saving our earth? And here is your answer: Everything! The United Nations released a statement stating that the livestock industry as a whole is responsible for more Greenhouse Gas emissions then the whole transport sector combined! The livestock production produce a huge 18% of our earth's GHG's. Wow. So, by taking part in this campaign you are adding your voice to the outcry for less meat production. Sound good to you? Check out their website:

If your daunted by the thought of preparing three vegetarian meals each week, the campaign releases a new meat-free recipe each Monday. (For example, this week's was Green Bean Salad). This makes it much more difficult to find an excuse not to participate! And did I mention that it is run by Sir Paul McCartney and his daughters Stella and Mary?

A chance to adopt a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, and supporting a positive future for our earth.
Why not give it a try this Monday?