Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How to Care for Eco-Friendly Fabrics? This is How to Wash and Care for your Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp and Soy Clothing.

Don't be afraid of sustainable fabrics! They feel great, silky and are terrific to wear but they also wash like a dream. Here are some tips on caring for Salts Organic's Sustainable styles!

Bamboo: Bamboo rayon is a really hearty fabric, it has a silky feel but you can wash and dry it like cotton. It even lasts better than cotton. We recommend on our Bamboo rayon garments that you cold wash on regular or delicate and hang dry (uses less power). If you are in a time crunch you can always throw it in the dryer though with no worries! At Salts we mix the bamboo rayon with organic cotton so you have the properties of cotton and bamboo. This makes for a great easy care item. Enjoy.

Soy: Soy is a bit more delicate than bamboo rayon. It is also mixed with organic cotton at Salts. We recommend a cold water wash and tumble dry (again hang dry to save power and $). Spot treat any stains as needed, but make sure you test your stain treatment on an area that won't show if the color gets bleached. Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Soy all can be ironed freely. Our Soy Bella Wrap Hoodie is shown above in Natural color.

Organic Cotton: Organic Cotton, is....well...Cotton. You can wash, dry and iron like you would with normal cotton. Cotton always shows wear and tear if you apply a lot of heat to it, so go easy on hot dryers.

Hemp: Hemp is the heartiest fabric of them all. Hemp actually looks and feels better the more you wash and dry it! It softens up over time like your favorite jeans. So do what ever you want to it. Wash, Dry, hang dry and press, whatever suits your fancy.

Dress Pure. Salts.

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