Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Be Cheap and Green AND Save Money! 7 easy ways to EcoFriendly your Life!

Can you be super Green and Save money at the same time? Of course! Being Eco Friendly is about having more with less! Most eco-products are very high quality and last much longer. There are also simple ways to add more eco consciousness to you life with our sacrificing any cash at all. In fact some of these tips will even save you money! Right on...Read on....

Tip #1. Save $25 a year by washing you Eco Clothes in Cold Water in stead of warm water twice a week. It saves your clothing too, clothes will last much longer when washed in cold.

Tip#2. Turn off you video game console (or get you kids too, bribes work) when not in use. This will save you $14 a year in power...extra allowance anyone?

Tip#3. Recycle! Most Districts pick up recycling at no cost and you will save $30 to $100 dollars a year in garbage pick up costs.

Tip#4. Turn down you heat a few degrees at night and during the day while you are at work. This will save you at least $39 dollars a year.

Tip #5. Grow some food! Set up a garden box on your deck to grow salad greens and edible flowers for great tasty salads anytime. If you eat salads everyday (good for you, you healthy nut) then this can save you $3-10 a week. Those are big savings, growing food it fun and relaxing too.

Tip#6. Line dry you clothing on nice days. Dryers are the worst energy consumers! Lay off yours in the summer and enjoy your organic clothing for longer.

Tip #7. Find a local farmer and make friends with them! Shop at farmers markets for great deals on fresh local produce, buying direct from the farmer is the best way to get healthy food at less of a mark up.

Dress Pure.

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