Sunday, July 27, 2008

Salts Eco Fashion For Fall 08, a delicous preview!

The Salts Fall 08 line will be hitting stores soon, I designed this season with the theme of the 4 elements. I have really been into Fung Shui and creating balance lately so I thought that I would interpret that into my line with the colors and textures. The item that I am most excited about is the Be Cozy Wrap hoodies (no pics yet! sorry!). I even love the super rough sample I did....ummm.

Todays Fall 08 Eco Fashion preview is the Candy Hoodie (a Salts Organic Clothing classic), its made out of Organic Cotton Fleece that is really thick and warm for Fall and Winter. Its coming out in 3 delicious custom Salts Colors.

Next up is the Petal top, which is a dressier alternative to a basic t-shirt. Its made of lovely Bamboo rayon Organic Cotton jersey fabric. This Fabric will be coming out in 4 Colors dyed with low impact eco-friendly dyes.

Stay tuned for more photos from the Fall line. Also be sure to check out our new retail locations for Fall 08.

Edit Shoppe in Lethbridge Alberta,
Back 2 Basics Organic in Vernon, BC

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