Monday, March 30, 2009

The Salts Eco Tip of the Week. Save Money and the Environment by helping you food last longer.

Did you know that most North Americans send 14% of their food to the dump as trash? This is because it spoils before we eat it. Try these neat tips to save food and money.

-Put you Champagne grapes in the freezer, they last much longer and taste like mini Popsicles when you eat them

-Plan a menu for the week. Do you shopping in one trip with a menu planned and a list. This will prevent extra spending and also help you to only buy things that you will eat in one week.

-Grow your own foods. Try growing a few things, food stays fresh longer in the garden and you can pick it as you need it.

-Store your fruits and Veggies separately. Fruits speed the ripening of veggies because the release the gas ethylene.

-Evert-Fresh Bags - reusable produce bags with a clay lining that absorbs gases that cause produce to decompose ($6/10 10-gallon bags). Check them out at

Thanks for reading our tips this week. See you next week.


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