Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Heart of a Soap Crafter. What really goes into natural healthy soaps?

I recently sat down for a visit with Divine Goddess Soap Artist Lisa. She has a talent for soap making like none I have ever tried. Beautiful Natural and hand crafted. Here's what she had to say about her soaps.

What are your top 5 favorite ingredients and why?

All the ingredient would be my favorite because after creating a natural product I began to understand what it was I liked. I love the rich lather and natural fragrances I get from hand made soap. I love interesting fragrance combinations and ingredients different from what I can find elsewhere. I love the confidence I get from knowing I am not washing with harsh chemicals, strange perfumes and dyes.

Where does the name Divine Goddess come from?

The small hobby of mine was getting out of hand, so I decided start a home based business and the name "Divine Goddess Naturals" represents my committment providing the best natural product possible using only essential oils, natural oils, rich butters, pure beeswax, clay, herbs and spices.

How long have you been making soap?

Over 10 years, Divine Goddess Naturals got its unofficial start in 1997 in Sooke B.C.

What do you wear when making soap (hehe)?

I prefer to wear comfortable all natural house clothes..... and of course safety goggles and gloves.

What are the benefits of your soaps?

Natural soap is so very different from commercial soap. I was impressed after trying the real thing, made by myself. Most commercial soaps left me feeling dry and kinda sticky, but my handmade soap was different. I felt skweaky clean, but not dry. My skin looked great and the handmade soap smelled great, not overpowering and chemical. I love Divine Goddess Naturals, and I know you will too. Be Natural, Be Beautiful, Be a Goddess!

Thanks for your time Lisa! You can get Lisa's Divine Goddess Soaps at the Salts Studio in Sooke, BC or shop in our online store at


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