Friday, June 5, 2009

May 5th 2007

Hey guys and girls!

It’s Mackenzie here, I’m part of the Salts team in beautiful Sooke, British Columbia! I figured I should share a funny little experience I had last weekend. Last Saturday I ended up at a party here in Sooke, and I met a girl named Sara who had just moved here from Ottawa. We were doing the whole “awkward chit chat” when we came up to the inevitable, “Oh, where do you work?” question. I said I worked at an organic boutique in Sooke. It turns out that this girl had done a project on this very store for a class she took in university, on eco friendly products. She informed me that she will be coming in and that Salts had inspired her to live a more eco friendly life. What are the chances that Sara from Ottawa would have chose to do a project on Salts Studio Boutique, located in a quant little town of Sooke, and the chances we would be at the same, random party needless to say karma had blown my mind! Anyways, I will part with some wise words from a 19 year old girl: keep educated on the eco-friendly products, if not to make a difference, then to boost up some awkward small talk with a random stranger.

Stay beautiful!

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