Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swine flu Immunity Super Boost Juice.

Jump start your immune system with a juicy drink packed full of antioxidants and all the building blocks for super natural immunity against Swine flu and other winter time infections. All you need is a juicer and piles of organic veggies. I have found great working juicers at Thrift and secound hand stores for less than $10. You can grab a new juicer at most appliance or health food stores. If you are going to buy new then please consult an expert on juicers before you shell out big bucks. The expert I most trust is Natalia Rose, check her out at, you can also buy juicers there.

So without further ado, here is my immunity boost juice recipe.

2 organic apples
1 organic lemon
a few leaves of romaine (3-5)
handful of parsley sprigs
big ol chunk of ginger (more you can handle the better, it gives you a nice buzz)
1 stalk celery
add 20 drops of echinacea if your going to be around a lot of sneeze y swine people (ie Christmas time mall or school gathering)

you may want to add garlic, I love the taste without so I rarely do. I would add garlic if I definitely felt something coming on....

Tip: If you can't buy all organic produce, make sure that your leafy greens are your priorty to get organic. They get the most spray, root veggies get less spray on the edible part. Non organic lemons can be peeled before juicing. Juicing is definitly the time you want to go organic if you can though.

Enjoy a happy healthy winter! Be sure to check out Natalia's site and books.

With Love,

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