Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Great info on the Bamboo Clothing Debate!

There are pros and cons to everything...I have been doing some more research on Bamboo fabrics and came accross this article on the Fashion Take Action Website.

I found the article very thorough and very fair. I have adopted a "wait and see" policy with bamboo. I will use a tiny bit from reputable sources and mix it with the largest amount of organic cotton that I can and see if the bamboo fiber suppliers will evolve to be more accountable like the cotton industry had to become years ago. The research continues though! Keep me posted if you come across any factual info on Bamboo fibers (with true science behind it please!). I totally agree with Lorraine Smith in the article above that its hard to get real facts because the industry isn't being as open as it should about the processes involves. The Saga of Bamboo continues! I would love to hear your opinions, yea or nea to bamboo?

This hoodie shown in the picture is my Be Cozy Hemp Organic Cotton Hoodie. Ahh hemp, you have such little controversy these days....

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