Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chubby Bubbies Baby Leggings needed for the ICU.

Today I received this heartbreaking letter. I had no idea my Chubby Bubby Baby leggings had such a use. Please read the letter below.

We recently lost a baby girl to a rare genetic disorder shortly before she turned 5 months. While in the hospital she was only able to wear these baby leggings because of her ventilator and heart monitor. We are now collecting baby legwarmers to send up to the ICU she stayed at in her name. We're reaching out to our etsy friends for help with this so if you can help us out with this project, please contact me!
Thank you so much!

Needless to say I was brought to tears and sent our a package right away. If you would like to purchase some Chubby Bubbies baby legging to donate you may do so on our etsy store. I am offering the leggings at half price and we will mail them to the ICU for you. Follow this link to purchase Donation Leggings.

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