Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Are What You Eat

How many times have you heard this phrase? You can look at it in a negative or a positive light, which will you choose? I'm sure we all want to eat organic, but it can sometimes prove quite expensive. Here's a few quick tips I found on how to eat organic on a budget!

1) Eat more of every fruit and vegetable, including cauliflower stalks and greens, potato skins, and citrus zest. It’s good quality food, don’t waste it!

2) Grow your own fruit and vegetables, even if it’s just herbs in a window box or a pot of juicy tomatoes.

3) Buy cheaper cuts of organic meat, like stew beef, and get creative in the kitchen. Also, consider eating a little less meat by making dishes with other high-protein ingredients like lentils and beans.

4) Shop at Farmers Markets. Ask about seconds -- perfectly tasty but misshapen produce that you may be able to buy at a discount. Ask about discounts for buying in bulk. Ask how you can buy their produce when the market is closed. You're helping your community and yourself!

5) Buy In Bulk. Whether you're shopping at a natural foods store, supermarket or co-op, buying in bulk is a great way to stretch your food dollar. For beans, grains, lentils and nuts, head straight for the bulk containers. Just make sure you have a cool, dry place in your kitchen to store your dry goods for a few months. You can save on storage space by splitting your stash with a friend.

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