Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Salts Organic Clothing has new retail outlets for Spring 2007!

Its going to be a great summer. Salts Organic Clothing has added several new retail outlets for Spring 2007. The new stores are Fiber Options in Tofino and Victoria, Sweet Somethings on Galiano Island and Organix on Granville Island in Vancouver. Make sure you check out these stores for the latest Salts line.

Salts is also headed to the One of A Kind Show in Toronto on March 28th to April 1/2007. This is a huge show with artisans from all over the country. There are some amazing products being offered. Check it out.




Iris said...

hope you had a good time at the one-of-a-kind show in T.O. Organic fabrics seem to be all the buzz lately, but it's difficult to push the environmental aspect when a lot of those clothes are mass produced in factories thousands of miles away!!

I love you guys - the feel of your company, and LOVE my shrug that I bought at the show (even if I can't wear it until I get my cast off!!) Can't wait to see what you guys design next!

Salts said...

thanks so much Iris! I love the support!

Glad you like your shrug.