Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Inkers Super Cute Funky Baby Clothing made with love on Vancouver Island.

Little Inkers are super cute, hip , cheeky and political alternative naturals for infants and children. Our products are produced in an socially responsible and environmentally protective manner. They use high quality PVC/Phthalate free inks along with soy processing products. Little Inkers organic cotton and bamboo teez, zees and hats are printed with designs that are created to make a statement, inspire change and make you laugh. They are passionate about politics, breast feeding, self esteem, the environment and above all, having a sense of humor. Little Inkers are “greenprinted” with love on Vancouver Island.

Shop for Little Inkers at the Salts Studio Boutique in Sooke, BC or online in their etsy shop.


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